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Food Labels

Mpressive Label Creations can produce food labels in Melbourne that are safe to use around food products. It is important that you use labels that are not going to degrade or contaminate the food in any way.

Open Fridges
We are able to produce food labels that can be used in open fridges for short term storage (on meat packaging for example). We use with Matt, Gloss or Direct Thermal materials with an adhesive glue backing.

Closed Fridges or Freezers

We are also able to produce labels that can be used in closed fridges or freezers for long term storage. We use a synthetic stock with a low temperature and that is moisture resistant to ensure its longevity.

Meets Standards
It is actually a requirement that a material used in packaging is of food grade quality (although this does depend on where the product is going to be). We are able to provide labels that meet these standards.

Range of Materials

We stock a wide range of materials that can be used around food, including: Matt, Gloss and Thermal Direct. If you are not sure what material to use, please contact us for more information.

For an obligation free quote, do not hesitate to email us your design. We’re also happy to help you create a design that meets your needs. After all, we’re here to ensure your satisfaction!